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Kip Bares His Acoustic Country Soul

A Monday night in one of the finest venues Glasgow has to offer. The Old Fruit Market is stunning to look at, be in and I can only imagine to play as well.

With the crowd milling in a very friendly and chatty manner, the expectations were high for what was to come. Providing support for this UK tour is songbird Jillian Jacqueline, before I review her set I feel the need to add to many comments already made about people attending gigs these days. Okay I get that the support act may not be for you but please show a little decency and arrive either at the end of their set or before the headliner starts. One of my biggest annoyances is people traipsing in half way through a set. Now for some I get the fact that public transport or travel can get in the way but for others you’re just being rude.

Ali Donowho, Jillian Jacqueline and Bryan Brown

Anyway if you did miss Jillian’s set you definitely missed out. Appearing on stage with her Husband of 1 month Bryan Brown. She chatted with the audience given solid and interesting background to her, her songs and her past life. Then she sang and boy did she sing. Two guitars and a voice. effortless, flawless and pitch perfect. Songs that we knew and a 4 day old song as well. Hailing from Nashville the acoustic nature of the gig showed of her Country Voice and the stripped down music highlighted what a fantastic talent she is.

Kip Moore Acoustic

At 20.25 a lone figure makes his way through the darkened stage, instantly recognisable by the boots and Base ball cap on backwards he took to his seat picked up his lonesome acoustic guitar and for the next 30 mins entertained the crowd as if he were back in a small bar in Georgia in the fledgling years of his career . Joined by the Slowhearts they performed Kip songs from Album 1 to the latest released EP, including the up until Glasgow gig unperformed ‘It Ain’t California’ I think he was taken aback how many fans were aware of this song and the rest of his. A surprise Acoustic version of Wild Ones (something he said he would never do) really sold the set to the crowd.

It was an emotionally charged night with reflections about his late father and grandfather. I think every person in the room was lucky enough to learn new insights of the man that is Kip Moore and not just the artist. He struggled through a story about his ‘Pops’ and a dream he had had about him, with the tie in to Scotland and the genuine emotion and struggle to get through the story left many a lump in the throat and tear in the eye in the venue.

Kip Moore and the Slowhearts

Kip Moore’s music has always resonated with me but last night was a new dimension. Gig of the year so far without a doubt. 2 hours and 15 minutes of songs, jokes and stories nobody in the crowd wanted it to end and I don’t think he did either.

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