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Katee Kross Shows Her Hand

The fastest rising star in the Scottish Country music market over the last few years by far has been Katee Kross and her popularity and following is set to increase with the launch of her Fourth self funded album “Show Your Hand”.

Katee Kross

From the off this album shows a change in Katee and her music both in its approach to writing and in the delivery of the music. A very apparent maturity has taken place with several influences shining through in the tracks.

Now lets take the album as a whole and the best way in which i can describe it as an overall piece. Picture yourself driving through the back roads of small town USA in a pickup truck, going from town to town absorbing everything from the historic to the contemporary. Well this is the album to listen to on that journey. Steeped in a classic Country/ Texan swing feel.

With the constant fan conversations of what is and isn’t Country, there can be absolutely no arguments into which genre this album fits into, from the up tempo numbers of the title track “Show Your Hand” to the balladeer styles of “Dancing With My Past” Katee has landed a major punch for other UK artists to follow.

The stand out track for me is “Keep On Keepin’ On” the final track and it is in exactly the right place, the album is a crescendo building to this moment and boy does it. With shades of the contemporary US market with a heavier guitar and an edge of Southern Rock. This is the perfect end to the album and sits right in my Wheelhouse.

With previous releases including “Bluebird” and “Old Soul” Katee was positioning herself firmly into the balladeer/songbird class but with this album she has turned descriptions of herself on its head. Versatility, adaptability, genre defying congratulation. To all at Team Kross Media you have a definite winner on your hands.

Katee Kross album launch takes place at Websters Theatre in Glasgow on the 22nd of February 2020.

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