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What is Country Today

Constant conversations amongst country music fans at the moment seem to circulating around what and who is country these days. Now Bro Country gets some slamming from just about every corner of the media (remember poor Cole Swindell and that Rolling Stone article??). Sam Hunt seems to be fresh pickings for peoples anger and ire towards modern country. Jon Pardi is being hailed a saviour as he is “more Country” than the rest.

Well here’s the thing as I see it. Things change………… Not always for the better……….. Not always to peoples tastes but it changes…………… and the solution to your problem………………….Get on board or get out.

In music very much like life we go through peaks and troughs, ups and downs and every other adage i can throw at it. End of the day we are all protective of this genre and make it ours, remember though Country music has had more crossover artists in it than any other. there’s room for everyone (well almost everyone).

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  1. Iain Renicks

    Country like blues and rock especially have very wide parameters and to say one artist is not country or not country enough is nieve . Country has evolved , and will continue so . Artists will have different influences which in turn moulds their sound and the fans will support those artists they identify most with AC/DC and Korn are both metal bands but oh so different the same way as Porter Waggoner and Eric Church are both country artists .

    1. cimv_admin

      Diversity is what makes any Genre great. Music is about expression and it is constantly moving forward. Thank you for your comments Iain, nice to see an understanding of all music from people.


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