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Legends Don’t Retire

After 60 years of service to the musical world, on the 25th of October 2017, Kenny Rogers bid a fond farewell to his fans and colleagues at  a special concert held in the Bridgestone Arena Nashville. He was witness to his career being performed by an array of artists including The Judds, Lionel Ritchie, Little Big Town, Kris Kristofferson, Chris Stapleton, Reba McEntire and Lady Antebellum and many more.

The night wouldn’t have been complete if one of the songs he is probably known best for, and a karaoke staple around the world, was on the list. Abandoning his stool for a few minutes he was joined by long time friend and compatriot Dolly Parton for One final live version of Islands In The Stream.


I say above Legends don’t retire but let me clarify. Yes they don’t tour and yes they stop releasing new music. But after 60 years in the business and having hits on a global scale, to the point where its hard to imagine someone not knowing the name or at least a song, The legacy will go on for hundreds of years and as long as we have karaoke, the alcohol stained night air will always resurrect the graveled voice of the master song maker.

Kenny we salute you and wish you many years of relaxing and reflecting on all you have created during a phenomenal career. You took the Gamble and it paid off


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