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Old Dominion & Thomas Rhett


The influx of country artists in the past few weeks has been so immense I am beginning to wonder if there is a political movement to get away from a certain president (Ahem) and take up country roots in our country. Not that myself or any of the fans I have spoken to lately would mind.

The Cadillac 3 with the Brothers Osborne, Maren Morris with Ryan Hurd and Thomas Rhett with Old Dominion all touring the UK at the same time has left fans dizzy and made November diaries very busy. The great thing about all three sets of tours is that the reports coming flooding back in are all positive. Yes British people being positive in November!! I know, it initially confused me too.

I managed to be in the fortunate enough position to be able to grab a few words with the Old Dominion boys or as they from here out seem to be known OD. Genuinely awesome and welcoming guys, happy to chat away and very complimentary about the fans and modest about their music. The interview will air on CIMV from Wednesday 22nd of November 2017, for stations and airings

So to the gig. Wow OD were amazing, I saw a comment not long after the gig and I could not agree more. The music on the album must be over produced because the sound they have live is completely different and totally compelling. The crowd sang and danced and you could see absolute joy on the band members faces as they realised how well the crowd knew the music.  Now let me clear something up here quickly. OD are NOT a support band. What the crowd at the O2 academy in Glasgow, and the other venues around the UK, witnessed was two headliners. I will not hear otherwise, I was there I saw what I saw.  Nearly 50 minutes of a pure, joyous first time meet. Glasgow has fans and it has super fans. Then its has the SCM (Scottish Country Mafia) and the #FrontRowJunkies, I was lucky enough to meet representatives from both and they are amazing, dedicated and completely mental, but in a good way. Thank you to them for making the day even more enjoyable.



Thomas Rhett is a hot topic in the Country World, that wonderful question what is country? I am not getting into that I am discussing a gig. An energetic and flowing performance of now recognisable songs. He made an interesting comment during the set about someone in the front row “Wanting to know the words” and to “keep trying” as he appreciated the effort, i couldn’t help think at this point, poor Glasgow people even don’t understand the accent when you lip sync. ‘Unforgettable’, ‘Star Of The Show’, ‘Craving You’, ‘Sixteen’ and ‘Life Changes’ had the crowd singing and dancing but to me the stand out moment was ‘Die a Happy Man’ Biased? more than likely, the song was number 1 in the country chart when my son was born.

Here’s the crux of the matter. was it a great gig? Yes. Did both acts perform well? Yes Were they on a par? No in my humble opinion they weren’t. OD’s Sound was crisp and sharp and clear. TR’s not as much, at times it was a struggle to make out and as much as he did a fantastic turn with his band and showed off some silky moves, I felt a disconnection from him and the band at times where OD were just on it together all the time.  Do we put that down to the simple difference between a solo artist and a group?


Photo Credit to Katy Lowden Strachen


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  1. Katy Strachan

    Totally agree with this. OD are never in a million years an opening act. I do like TR but this time he was definitely overshadowed by his “support” act in both sound quality and energy. Add to that the obvious enjoyment OD showed at playing to a set of fans who know album cuts and not singles.
    Cannot wait to see them again at C2C and hopefullt headlining their own tour over here in the very near future!!!


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