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WARNING!! It’s Rantastic

So having a radio show dedicated to Country music in the UK was deemed, by some, as a brave move as the listenership would be low. ” Don’t you know nobody likes Country music over here?” Yes genuinely that’s the sort of thing I heard on a regular basis, but being a man of wide shoulders I brushed it off with relative ease. What really bugged me lately was a paid for Facebook post, a totally innocuous post, promoting the show to a target audience of people from ages of 21 to 50. Now I don’t pick who gets to see these, FB has an algorithm apparently for this sort of thing. It targets people, groups, music and videos you have liked through your profile. Now if you see my FB posts or my posts on here they are always polite and well meaning, you think other people might extend the same courtesy!!!

I received the rudest response from someone i have never met, whose social circles are clearly different and who was either a sailor or has a very limited vocabulary!! for the purposes of this and to protect him from the legion of Country fans we’ll call him RG (rude guy)

RG “Why the F£%k would you or F”£$ing Facebook think I would be interested in F3454ing Country Music. I would Rather cut my own B4567rd ears off than listen to that F£$%^ing Sh$%e Yank thing nobody cares about it over here.”

Wow just wow. I am sitting there thinking of all the responses under the sun, (I am known to be a fantastic swearer when required) I typed possibly 15 different responses and deleted them all a because every time the anger monkeys started get the best of me a little voice appeared in the back of my head saying “Stop it, Don’t, he’s just a mug and by stooping you lower the outlook of Country fans”. My voice while irritating (and slightly concerning that I am hearing things) is 100% correct. This guy knows nothing. This guy is blissfully unaware of the fact that Country music is on the ascension in the UK.

Just for Gits and Shiggles here’s the Proof. In the last couple of months the amount of Country artists that have toured across here has been immense allow me to list a few.

Jace Everret, Sarah Darling, Marty Stuart, Miranda Lambert, Eric Paslay, Brothers Osborne, The Cadillac 3, Maren Morris, Ryan Hurd, Old Dominion, Thomas Rhett, Lucie Silvas, Charlie Worsham, LBT, Seth Ennis.
and still to come we have Chase Rice, Dan + Shay

You know what? You’re totally right RG no one likes Country music over here………………….. WE LOVE IT!!!

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it. Oh and next time don’t be a douche and send a message like that to a total stranger because he may just call you on it and your keyboard warriorness. Hypocritical because I am doing something similar? I announce who I am every week just listen to the first 2 minutes of the show and you’ll know me.


4 Replies to “WARNING!! It’s Rantastic”

  1. Iain Renicks

    I would concur with your sentiments , the popularity of C2C year on year is conclusive proof of the rise of Country music in the UK and Ireland . The fact that it also attracts the biggest Country acts also reinforces this .
    These acts also realise that the UK is a massive market for them .

    1. cimv_admin

      Hi Iain thanks for your comment. On this weeks show there is an interview with Ryan Hurd, an up and coming Country artist and Fiance of Maren Morris, In the interview he mentions the fact that back home he was told that once you play the UK once you just have to keep going back. The UK welcomes these artists openly and supports them as has been evident in the past few weeks with the amount of acts touring and a high level of atendees.

  2. Norm

    It was that bam Ryan Gosling wasn’t it?
    I’ll kick him right in HIS La La Land lol
    Never let the naysayers have any influence over you, be a beacon of light, or, you know.. just whack them o’er the heid with the beacon.
    There are some horrid folk on the internet – thankfully they seldom see the outside world

    1. Ali Donowho

      Thanks Norm. Usually I can ignore them but this one was OTT and this show is like a child or a pet to me and Country music is like family. You don’t mess with kin lol.


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