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Katee Kross Bluebird

Katee Kross, a 20 year old from Bishopbriggs in Glasgow is having a meteoric rise in her career, a lot of is this due to being asked to open for Seasick Steve at none other than Wembley arena in 2016 after he saw her cover of ‘Purple Shadow’ on YouTube.



Take nothing away from her though, to date she has released 2 self penned albums ‘Beautiful Dream’ and ‘Don’t Fade To Grey’ with a third album due Summer 2018. We managed a catch up and chat with her ahead of releasing her new song ‘Bluebird’ on December 1st 2017

Thirty seconds into this phone interview I can tell it’s going to be one to enjoy. On the other end of the line is a bubbly, eager and polite young lady who couldn’t be happier to chat away about all manner of things, from Wembley Arena to buying a scratchcard, It strikes me very early on that yet again I am getting the opportunity to interview a professional musician and yet again there is nothing prima donnaish about them, in fact very self deprecating in a lot of ways.

From supporting the likes of Douggie Maclean, Barbara Dickson and Karine Polwart amongst others Katee is very much taking the journeyman route in the world of music by getting out and gigging, gigging and when it gets too much gigging some more. Her sights are set on this being her lifelong career and after having a listen through her back catalogue we are in firm support of this decision. She is a singer that will be able to transcend genres with great ease. Her music could sit happily in the Country market or easily in the Folk/ Nu Folk market and then there’s the side that could be Pop (but we all hope she stays away from that darkside). Her lyrics are stories that draw you into their meaning and you find yourself nodding along almost in agreement as if she was your inner monologue on issues in life.

Her latest release ‘Bluebird’ deals with a sensitive subject but she deals with it in a way that is maturer than her age belies it should. “It is about how when a loved one passes they don’t leave straight away they stay near you to watch over you until you start to move on , that’s why you think you see them or hear them or feel them around you” If this is the lead off for the new album we can’t wait for the full album next year.

Hear the full interview on Country In My Veins this week. Airing from Wednesday 29th November 2017, for stations and airing times  follow this link CIMV

Bluebird will be available for purchase from the 1st of December 2017 from her website To find out more about Katee you can find her on Facebook, Twitter, Spotify

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  1. Norm

    I am a fan – have been since the first time I heard Katee sing on a video that her dad posted on the Opry page on Facebook, like you, I watched all the youtube videos in awe at the talent from someone so young and also the maturity she shows in relating the story of the lyric.
    Then I heard her sing live and my chin was on the floor.
    So much to get excited about with this young crop of Scottish Country Music stars coming through with Katee, Kevin McGuire & the stunningly talented The Logans. Brilliant article sir.


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