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A little over 14 months ago I took the bold move to try and syndicate a Country music Radio show, now thankfully we know this worked out, but big risk basically putting yourself out there for people to criticise (and some have believe me). So with that in mind I wouldn’t take on another mammoth task for the show would I??????????

Something I always envisioned for the show was to be able to get artists in and do a studio session/ live lounge. Now in a radio studio, space is limited at best but could still be nice for an acoustic set and a chat but then you’ve got to get the sound levels perfect for the music or it sounds rubbish.

Enter the thought into my mind of “How about using an actual studio with sound engineers!!” from here conversations took place, excitement grew, artists agreed to the idea, excitement grew more and today the final hurdle was crossed.

Working with the wonderful people at Lovers Lane Studios in Dumfries, we are going to be able to work with artists and do special studio sessions for the show in 2018. The list is already growing with who is up for coming in. Stoney Broke, Katee Kross, Holloway Road, Munro-Scotland, Nithville to mention a few. The hunt will be on to catch artists as they cross over that border to gigs further north.

Not world domination or even genre domination just working hard for the love of Country music and its dedicated fans.

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  1. Norm

    Great stuff – and great choice of guests in Stoney Broke & Katee Kross


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