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Brothers make UK crowds O,O,O,O and Kendell was a Marvel

When a gig reaches its climax and the acts walk off the stage there are many ways for the crowd to bring them back on for Encore. Clapping, stamping, chanting the band/artists name, chanting ‘We want more’ or even ‘Encore’ itself have been heard in music venues all around the world. This past weekend I witnessed and joined in on a new one to me. 

The Brothers Osborne have just completed their UK tour, finishing up in Glasgow on Sunday the 13th of May, ably supported by the wonderful Kendell Marvel, a man that has spent the past 27 years writing hit songs for such people as Chris Stapleton, Gary Allan, George Strait and the current release for the Brothers O ‘Drank Like Hank’. A lone figure on the O2 ABC stage in Glasgow he won the crowd over with his writing skills, guitar playing and classic country voice. Kendell’s first solo album ‘Lowdown and Lonesome’ is being released by Spinefarm Records on May the 18th 2018, I have had a listen to the album and its a treat, a strong mix of Country and Rock that sits comfortably in the contemporary section of the genre with likes of The Cadillac Three, Chris Stapleton and Jamey Johnson. The name dropping of artists he has written for was only let down by the knowledge of the crowd (Come on, Gary Allan folks!!) but I always like to hear the slight nuances that a writer has on one of their songs opposed to that of the performer. All in all Kendell was made to feel very welcome on the stage in Glasgow with a good portion of the crowd singing along with the title track from the album. I think watching him with a full band would lift his performance and the crowds appreciation to a fantastic level.



At precisely 20.31 the headline act walked out onto the stage to a rapturous audience, ready and waiting for the onslaught of Country and jaw dropping guitar solos. With the recent release of ‘Port St Joe’, their second album, there was a lot of uncertainty about what would be played. To everyone’s delight (including the band) this turned into a singalong of epic proportions. John Osborne stunned with his unbelievable guitar solos, to which he seemed totally lost in and well away from the sold out room in front of him, while TJ Osborne and those deep, rough vocals that just appear effortless and note perfect. It was 91 minutes of crowd participation, amazement and partying with hit songs from the ‘Pawn Shop’ album and new songs, the brothers often remarked how crazy the crowd was and how they always finished their tours in Glasgow because of the crowds. Glasgow Country fans be proud, you are making a great name for yourself.

Anyway I digress, back to the encore. One of the Brothers O’s hits is, as many of you will know is ‘It Ain’t My Fault’, in which is a moment of oooing (If you don’t know look here It Ain’t My Fault) Well the Manchester crowd on Saturday the 12th of May were so inspirational that it followed on to Glasgow the next night. Thankfully it was caught on camera by @shoe_gal81 and posted on twitter. Even the Brother’s loved it so much they retweeted it. It is genius levels of chanting, using the artists own song to entice them back.

The Brothers will be back at the end of the year and I have a very strong feeling they will sell out Glasgow once again and probably more around the UK. Oh and we’ll make sure there’s more decent Tequila available for them next time.

Photo Credit to Katy Lowden Strachen. #frontrowjunikies

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