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Backwoods Creek Grow Up With Nostalgia

The UK Country band Backwoods Creek release their latest track ‘When I Grow Up’  today and with great thanks to the band we have managed to get a preview before launch day. Consisting of Jamie Wood, Yannick Van Riet, Dean Parker, Jack Densley, Kamil Bartnik, the 5 piece Country Rock band impressed with their previous release ‘Keep Off The Grass’ with their authentic American Country Rock sound, solid production and most importantly great track. In fact it led us to describe them as the UK Country Band that don’t sound UK.

‘When I Grow Up’ shows a different side of the band, a momentary departure to the softer side of the Country Rock genre. Initially the title itself made us think of the Musical Matilda and wondered if they had opted for a country cover of the Lyricism of Tim Minchin. This however is not the case. Instead it’s a song about the ever changing dreams a child has about their future and what they intend on having. A song that is highly relatable as the extensive list includes Dinosaur Riding,  having your own Rollercoaster, being an Actor or having a Pirate ship and doing it all while wearing a cowboy hat!


While the song is distinctly Backwoods Creek you can hear shades of Zac Brown, Brad Paisley and even stepping out of the Country genre it is reminiscent of something The Bare Naked Ladies might come up with. All in all a great track from the bands yester years that’s guaranteed to make you smile with nostalgic thoughts of your own childhood dreams.

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