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CRA’s 2018 and a Bronze for CIMV

This small town boy with a huge appetite for Country music (and a big mouth as well) was recently shortlisted to the final 5 in the Community Radio Awards 2018 category Specialist Show of the Year. So off we duly headed to Sheffield for the awards night with not a thought about winning or placing. I have never really understood the term ‘Just to be nominated is enough’ Well now I do. I genuinely didn’t consider for one minute that we could or would win. Well guess what we didn’t win but we did come Third and received the Bronze award!!

Stoked is an understatement. I mean Third that’s a podium finish!! Now comes the diatribe of an Oscars thank you speech. Please read on and see if you get a mention (given my penchant for talking I may just thank the entire world).

Firstly and foremost I have to thank my long suffering Wife Carolann  and family, who on a daily basis have to listen to new music either submitted to the show or new tracks released to the market thank you for the time you give me to do this and the patience you show . Anyone who knows me knows how much I believe in the term ‘Family isn’t just blood’ and those who are closest to me in my life and help me ride the trials and tribulations of being me with my mood swings, grumpiness and other issues, saying I love you isn’t enough but it is all I have.  To my good friend and nominator Adrian Leslie thank you for having the faith in the show and in myself that I would not let you down. All my colleagues and friends within Alive 107.3 FM thank you for all the support and good wishes for the awards but also the good friendships I have made within the station. Three of my biggest supporters who push me to believe in the show deserve special mention Melissa Gunn from Small Town Sounds and Robin Baird of Dumfries and Galloway What’s Going On and Norm Trousdale of Country Gigs Scotland thank you thank you thank you.

To all the stations that take the show:- Alive, Sound Of Spitfire, Falklands Radio, Shout Radio, EMCR, Vulcan Sound, Radio Walkham, Sunshine Radio London, WFRM, Down South Country, Mix Tape Radio International, Country Road Radio and Phoenix Country Radio Thank you for making this show have wings.

To all the artists I have interviewed and those on the list to interview thank you for providing me material to continue. Also the PR agents and Record Companies i deal with on a daily basis thank you for trusting me with your Artists.

In this much protected genre of music I have met some wonderful people who yet again have shown a support of the show, mainly because they love just about anything country but also because they are damn fine people. One particular group of devoted music fans who have certainly made me feel like family are the SCM or Scottish Country Mafia, thank you to you for your listener hours and consistent hilarity (anyone would think we all dislike each other intently).

The Judges of the CRA’s thank you for placing us the decision could not be easy with so many great shows nominated

I’ll finish now with a BIG thanks to everyone once again, no matter how big or small your interaction with the show has been, it gives me the impetus to carry on. Thank you.

In the words of Luke Combs

There’s a couple people that I owe a beer or two
And three or four I owe more than a few
For all the times I couldn’t find the answers
Stumbling through the dark without a clue



2 Replies to “CRA’s 2018 and a Bronze for CIMV”

  1. Roy

    Couldnt happen to a nicer, more deserving guy. Onwards and upwards.

  2. Norm

    Fantastic stuff brother. yet another step on the road to world domination!!!


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